.This government has gone too far!

A government that has nothing to do with you, undermines your right to exist. Is doing nothing but squeezing you like a lemon. Only to hand you over to a dictatorial world government that you did not choose!

You will undoubtedly agree with this.
But did you also know that you can choose which government will guide you?

This government, without notifying it, was merged in 2015 into a BV headed by Mark Rutte. A BV with only one goal, profit. Profit at your expense!
Every government institution, national, provincial and municipal is a BV. Even the police and courts.

When you add up all the taxes that you pay today, you end up with a tax rate of 60-70%. That means that for every euro you earn, you donate 60 to 70 cents to the government!
Because you have not indicated that you do not agree with this, they provide you with unsolicited and solicited services for which you pay a lot.


You can now join and become co-owner of your own government! This government functions under the name “Together we are 1” and is a cooperative.

If you are a member of this cooperative, you work and act under the statutes and house rules of the cooperative and you have nothing to do with the BV of this government.

Because the cooperative is also yours, the “tax burden” is also considerably less, namely 10%. With this 10%, the cooperative is able to offer umbrella services such as schools, judicial administration, insurance, its own monetary system, etc.

It goes without saying that we take care of each other within the cooperative. Where the current system is characterized by “divide and conquer”, within the cooperative “cooperation and connection” applies.

Lifelong health and happiness will be the norm within the cooperative. We buy energy inexpensively that does not burden the earth, the environment and our surroundings. We use clean, health-supporting water. And we respect nature.

Due to the legal form “cooperative”, what is happening at the moment can never happen again. The cooperative has no professional politicians, no back rooms and no hidden agendas, because you are the owner!

Have we aroused your interest? Then contact us quickly!

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